2011- FIPA (Biarritz-France)

Festival: 2011 - January 24th - 30th

ArrangedHAPPINESS has been included into Fipatel’s section for CREATIVE DOCUMENTARIES.

2011- World Premiere - BYRON BAY FILM FESTIVAL (Australial)

World Premiere on International Women’s Day! March 8th 2011

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SCREENINGS & awards:

Winner for Best Director

‘Family & Child Award’

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Premiere: 24th & 26th of May, 2011

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2011 Imagine India INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (Madrid-Spain)

Premiere: 27th of May

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Award for Best Documentary

3rd Prize Award

TV Broadcast


13.30 - 15.00

ProgrammARD | Bayerisches Fs [German Broadcast]

2011 International Indian Film Festival (Germany)

Friday: 20.00

22. July 2011
International Indian Film Festival

in CinemaxX in Si-Center, Saal 5. Filmbüro Baden-Württemberg e.V., Stuttgard

The Director’s Vision Award for directors who take an ambitious look at a social or cultural plight goes to ‘Arranged Happiness’ by Daniela Dar-Creutz for its depiction of a traditional form of arranged marriage in India. The Jury stated that the film humanised this practice as a collective family responsibilty striving to find the best bridegroom within a restricted society. „The film’s impact increases with the director being an intimate participant in the narrative, both emotionally and professionally“, they explain.

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