Arranged Happiness, a loving portrayal of one Muslim Kashmiri family’s search for a groom for their daughter, provides an intimate and compelling counterweight to a widely held perception of Islam in the West, while conjuring up an unexpected dose of humanity and mesmerizing beauty where few have thought to look for it.

trailer [9min.]

These following black & white sequences originally served as “flash-backs” reflecting the childhood memories of Waheeda and Ashiq. The scenes were shot on 16 mm film, in Kashmir with mostly child-non-actors. They were taken out of the feature as the story evolved.

They are available online now!

Re-enactment 01 - DESCRIPTION
[1.32’]  B/W

Waheeda Banu runs happily through a bright yellow field of rapeseed. Is she chasing a butterfly? She skips innocently through the ocean of rapeseed taking in the fresh Himalayan air. Then, all of a sudden, she is stunned by the sound of a massive explosion. . .

With non-actors Muzalmil (plays Waheeda 7 years-old), Rehana Gulzar (plays Waheeda’s mother) and Balbir Singh (plays Indian soldier).

re-enactment-scenes / 16 mm film


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