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A foundation by Joseph Reidinger and Carolin Dassel, in 2003. Sepp Reidinger is head of ARRI STUDIOS in Munich, Germany. Carolin Dassel works as producer for Blue Eyes Fiction GmbH.


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Bayerische Fernsehen/BR Broadcast

The Film and Teleclub department at Bayerische Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcasting) has been successfully dedicating its efforts to promoting the work of new talent. Claudia Gladziejewski, is editor in charge at BR Broadcast Television, Germany.

Blue Circe Film

Founded by Daniela Creutz in the year of 1999 with its main base in New York City. BCF opened a second base in Munich, Germany, in 2007. Clients include Bavaria Broadcast BR (Germany), Pro Seven Television (Germany), Smithsonian Museum, Washington, CBS News, Chavin Lambert Advertisement, Deutsches Museum Munich, Verbraucherzentrale Bavaria amongst others.