CASPAR STRACKE    [Editor, Filmmaker]

Since 2000, Caspar Stracke has worked as an editor for many documentary films, TV and industrial movie in US and Germany. He works perma-lanced as an editor for the German 3SAT/ZDF's culture magazine "Kulturzeit" for over 8 years. Since then, Caspar Stracke has cut video and TV work for clients such as SONY, MTV, ZDF, Pro 7 /Sat 1, ORF (Austria) , SF (Suisse) , NDR, WDR, President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities (PCAH) Deutsche Bank TV New York, CW-X USA, Liz Clairborne, Loews Cineplex Entertainment, 24/7 News Media , !K7 Records, Gold Dust Records, Madame Tussaud US, Diane Blackman, Petra Foundation, among many others.

Most recent work include cutting a TV doc for documentary film maker and AcademyOscar®-nominated, Katja Esson,"Hole in the Sky" (5 year of 9/11 anniversary) that won the Gold Award at the Word Media Festival.

He also cut for German WDR television the documentary "The Party Thereafter" on New Orleans Post-Kathrina, by Dominique Gradenwitz/3 Sat / ZDF.



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